Cyberware Motocross Vinyl Kit (KTM) - Canary Print & Design

Cyberware MX Vinyl 1

Cyberware Motocross Vinyl Kit (KTM) - Canary Print & Design

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Product details

Manufacturer: Canary Print & Design

Material: Gloss 150 Micron Flexible White Polymeric Vinyl Film
      With Gloss 380 Micron Flexible Clear Vinyl Overlaminate

Colour: Grey, White & Black

Style: MX Vinyl Kit

Product Number: KTM-CYBER1

Enter the world of Cyberware the year is 2021.
Do you control your MX Bike or does the bike control you.

Printed on premium industry leading glossy MX Vinyl & Overlaminate.
Which is specially design to be used in hard wearing MX applications.

Resists mild acids, mild akalis, solvents, and salts. Excellent
resistance to water, including immersion.

So you'll be confident that your new MX Vinyl Kit will last the distance.
Even if you don't

Please Note

For personalisation the colour of the Riders Name + Numbering will be in keeping
with the kits design.

Canary Print & Designs logo will feature somewhere on the kits design. (Not Pictured)
But it won't detract from the Kits overall design.

The Vinyl Kit must be fitted by a trained professional and must adhere to the fitting
instructions supplied with the kit.
Failure to do so may compromise on the quality of the product.